Laura Skye

"My Love"


To say
 Laura Skye has energy would be an understatement. Her debut single “My Love” is as infectiously energetic as the singer herself. Laura doesn’t like to talk about herself but prefers her music to do the talking.

Laura could tell you about the past decade she has lived on stage playing to all walks of life, in all types of situations through sound checks to setbacks that just drove on her determined spirit, but she would rather show you.

The epitome of a pocket rocket, she stands only 5 foot tall, yet her voice and personality are larger than life. When I asked the “little but loud” singer to describe her sound, she says, like herself, it is “indefinable” but if she had to put a name on it “I would call it retro fabulous”.

Her weapon of choice is her words, alongside her favourite telecaster guitar, which she creates her music on and is rarely seen without, on or off stage.

“My music is reminiscent of a time when music truly meant something. I write lyrics the old fashioned way, on paper with pen. Wild and restless, with too many thoughts in my head I write them down as music instead.”

- Laura Skye


“My Love” is a cautionary tale. Although colourful and upbeat, the darker undertones in the lyrical content show that Skye is a much deeper songwriter than the first poppy strains of the song would have you think.

This retro bop takes you back in time to a place you may never want to leave, as this groovy track has a tendency to become severely stuck in your head.

The bold, catchy chorus, laced with attitude, is just like it’s cheeky creator. Laura Skye is definitely “one of a kind”. She is truly one to watch ……. if you can catch her.

Laura Skye My Love Press Release

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