Laura's bio

I could talk about myself but I prefer my music to do the talking.

I could tell you that I was singing before I was walking, classically trained in piano since the age of four and performing ever since.

I could tell you about the past decade I have lived on stage, playing countless gigs in pubs and clubs to the rich, the poor, the brash, the scorned; how I’ve been adored, deplored, heckled and howled at, more than earning my rock’n’roll stripes.

I could tell you that I did it all on my own, sometimes it hurt, many times I cried, but more times I smiled because, despite the hardships, I have a spirit that was born to write and play music.

I could tell you my weapons of choice are my words, alongside my guitars and keyboards with which I create my music on and play “loudly” on stage.

I will tell you that I am bold and wild; fiercely protective of my struggle, and happy to have learnt from it. I live by the motto “to thine own self be true” and I never let anyone steal my sparkle.

Infectiously energetic, highly spirited, individual, edgy, real and restless with too many thoughts in my head, I write them down as music instead.

Bohemian, poetic, free spirit with something to say and rhythm to play. I write music the old fashioned way, on paper, with pen. My music is reminiscent of a time when music truly meant something. I believe the only truth is music so I dedicate my life to this art. I could tell you …….. but I would rather show you.